A Manual for Freelance Writers: How to Keep Your Clients Satisfied 

If you keep your clients satisfied with your freelance writing services, you’ll have them back again and again, and this is the pledge of your steady income and good testimonials. Make use of the following guidelines that will help you please each and every your ongoing and new client.

Create high-quality content.

The quality of your texts is the first and foremost thing you should care about. The business will only lose from the poor content, which is why if you fail, a more professional freelance writer will be hired to do the job.

Scrupulously comply with the directions.

The directions to different orders may vary, therefore, read them carefully before starting your work. Try not to overlook even the slightest details because you’ll have your order back for revision, and this is not the best sign.

Meet the deadlines.

It is better to finish your article a little bit earlier than to do everything at the last minute and, at worst, miss the deadline.Thoroughly schedule your work and consider the circumstances that may distract you from accomplishing the task.

Communicate with your clients.

If you have a question or there is some misunderstanding of the task, write an email to clarify the issue. Moreover, if some force majeure events occur and you cannot deliver your order in time, immediately contact and warn your employer. Do not disappear!

Do not take criticism too hard.

The clients always have reasons for sending texts back to their freelance writers and asking to revise. Use this opportunity to learn and do better job in the future. Don’t get too attached to your writing and correct it to satisfy the employer’s expectations.

Find an individual approach.

Different clients work in different areas and may have completely different demands as to the needed contents. Take some time to do extra research on the company business, browse their website, and find out what style you should follow to match the general picture. The writer’s flexibility is always appreciated by the employer.

Make it a pleasure to work with you.

Try to keep your clients satisfied not only through the quality of your freelance work, but also through the tone you deal with them. When discussing the order, keep to the business and be short and precise. Produce good content even if you are not paid much for it. Later, the client will return and offer more competitive pricing. You may also have some minimal discounts for regular customers.

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