Looking for Christian Freelance Writing Jobs: 5 Places to Check

So you want to be a freelance writer. But you may be wondering how to balance your faith and your work. Where can you find writing jobs and assignments that honor your Christian faith and God? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Your Church

Churches are an important part of everyone’s community and especially yours. If you’re looking for work, ask around next time you go to service. One of your neighbors may have a business looking for writing services.

Even better? Talk to your preacher or the volunteer team. They may need someone who can write newsletters and announcements. While it may be volunteer work for the most part, it’ll give you something to add onto your resume. Plus, it’s a good community service.


There are plenty of Christian blogs out there. Many of these blogs are always looking for guest writers or contributors. Ask around and if a blog is looking for a guest contributor, shoot the blog owner a nice, professional email with your resume and qualifications. This can be a valuable way for you to gain exposure and provide content with a Godly platform.


There are also many faith based magazines out there- from news journals to literary magazines. And these magazines are always looking for new voices to submit to their platform. Always study up well on their submission policies and what they’re looking for- the better you understand and fit their needs, the less likely you’ll receive a rejection letter.

Why are magazines worth writing to? Whether they pay or not, they’ll provide valuable exposure and material for your portfolio. Magazines reach thousands of people on a regular basis.


Many popular websites and databases provide job listings for Christian freelance writers. Many organizations are looking for a faith based writer. Do your part by hunting for these jobs. Even websites like Elance or Guru have clients regularly looking for Christian writers.

Your Own Website

Last but not least, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to establish your own website. Use a service like Wordpress to host a simple website for free or for a low fee. Your own website gives potential clients a taste for what you offer. Provide portfolio samples, contact information, and an overview of what services you provide and for what cost.

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