The Key To Landing Good Freelance Jobs In History Writing

Freelancing is an ideal career for many young writers who want to have control over their job. You do not have to take orders that you don’t like or to follow the orders of the manager. On the other hand, there are many aspects that you need to handle on your own. The legal part and the payment terms are completely your responsibility, not to mention the content itself. As overwhelming as it might seem, you get used to this in a short time and then you can focus on developing your writing skills. If you are passionate about history, here is what you have to do to get some jobs in this niche:

  • Develop your knowledge. Many writers assume that it’s enough to make research and re-write the information in an original style. Well, this is insufficient most of the time. A good knowledge about the subject will save a lot of time and effort, not to mention that you will write more relaxed when you already know something about the facts. Therefore, you have to read as much as you can and make sure that you understand every idea.
  • Improve your writing skills. For many readers, history tends to be a bit boring and you need a lot of talent to make it engaging and entertaining. A list of names and numbers never impressed anyone, but an engaging story about a war is always a good lecture. Read other articles on similar subjects and see what are the best points and how you can integrate them in your texts.
  • Be serious. Clients who offer this kind of jobs are usually very picky and they will not go for a freelancer that seems less than excellent. This means that you have to be careful about everything you do, from the profile that you create to the proposals that you make. This will ensure you a few good, long-term jobs in the future.
  • Create some amazing samples. Every time you apply for a job or you receive an offer you will be required to show an example of your work. Sure enough, the samples that you will present need to be perfect from all points of view. Don’t consider this as superficial, because this is the closest thing to a hiring interview in this field. Work on the texts for days before even considering to send them as samples.

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