Where To Find A Freelance Writer’s Contract Example A Quick Guide

When you work as freelancer, you must take care of all things that are usually the manager’s job. Contracts, discussion with clients, the legal agreements, payments, all these are part of your new job and sometimes it can be difficult to focus on everything in the same time. When it comes to the legal part, you must be sure you have a contract that you will sign with the client so you will know that the job is completely legal and safe for both sides. If you can’t seem to figure out how to find a good contract, there are some alternative solutions you can use.

  • Hire a personal assistant. Especially when you start to have many clients and most of your day you are busy writing, you will not have time to deal with all the details that are surrounding your work. Your main job is to write, not to manage a business or to discuss every aspect from a legal agreement. A personal assistant that you can hire online will take care of this and much more. The new technology allows you to have an assistant from the other side of the world; he can have access online to your documents, to arrange your appointments or to facilitate the contact with clients. In this way, you will not have to interrupt your writing to answer e-mails and discuss with clients.

  • Use an online platform. There are websites that are design to facilitate the contact between freelancers and clients. Not only that you will receive the payment through the website, but they will also take care of the legal part; you don’t have to be worried that you will not get paid or that a stubborn client will ask you for free extra work. The legal agreement is also provided by the website; when you take a job, you sign a virtual contract with the client and the terms can be changed if both of you agree.

  • Consult a lawyer. It is close to impossible for you to put together a safe contract that will cover all legal details; the best option is to ask the assistance of a lawyer and work with him to create a contract that will protect your rights as well as your client’s. This is a sign of professionalism and honesty and for sure your clients will be impressed by your way of dealing with their rights.

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