Finding Legal Freelance Writing Jobs: Step-By-Step Instructions

One of the best ways to set higher rates is to specialize in a specific writing niche. Choosing a field like law, business or finance can help writers to reach out to specific, high-paying clients. Although this sounds like a better work environment, it is a hard goal to achieve. In order to get legal freelance writing jobs, newbie writers must work hard to develop their portfolio and reach out to potential clients.

Get Personal

Many writers will create a website or a profile and wait for clients to contact them. Although this is still a good way to get clients passively, it should not be the only technique that the writer uses. Instead, writers should figure out law offices that exist in their county and surrounding areas. The writer should develop a proposal letter that they send out to each legal office. If the writer has the time, they should personalize the letter to the specific firm. In general, the writer may only get a response rate of about ten percent. Although the response rate is fairly low, any jobs that are achieved through this technique will have a much higher pay rate.

Create a Website

There are several different things that freelance writers can do to appear like professionals. One of the first things that should be done is creating a website. The writer should include their experience, job portfolio and pay rates for different projects. In addition to a personal writing website, the writer may also want to create a website that offers legal advice or information. This site can help to garner the writer additional money through advertising revenue and can even serve as another marketing technique.

Start an Internship

To get jobs in this field, writers have to demonstrate that they actually have experience in legal writing. The easiest way to do this is to write or volunteer for a non-profit group or a corporation. By working as an intern or a volunteer, writers can get relevant experience that can help them obtain future writing projects. In addition, interning can also help the writer to connect with potential clients and companies.

Carry Business Cards

Writers should bring business cards with them everywhere. It is impossible to know when or where the writer will meet up with a potential client. By always having a business card on them, the writer will appear like a an organized, pulled-together professional.

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