Looking For Promising Freelance Travel Writing Opportunities

Making a living as a write can be very appealing but one of the most desirable niches in the industry can be found in the field of travel. The lucky freelancers who make this sub-field their home can find themselves exploring some of the most beautiful destinations on the globe on somebody else’s dime. Naturally there are many scams to avoid in trying to become successful here. The following tips can help you rise to the top of the industry early on:

  • Learn something about it
  • You are much more likely to be hired for these types of tasks if you can show that you have a genuine interest in other cultures and locations. If you have some training as a scuba diver or you speak several languages this is a good start. It also helps if you have spent time as cabin crew and can draw on that experience in your writing.

  • Be a frequent traveler
  • If you have never left your home country or even your home town it will be that much harder to explain to your prospective clients that you are the type of outgoing person that they would benefit from hiring. Your passport should look like you have a good reason to write about the world.

  • Decide what niche you want to conquer
  • There are many methods of circling the globe and picking up information along the way. Are you more interested in cruises or flights? Do you find rustic surroundings more appealing or do you need all the luxuries of home. Make up your mind and become more versed in your chosen field.

  • Approach key players within the industry
  • You may know everything you need to know but freelancers need clients to be successful. Start approaching companies that might need your services. As you are just starting out these may not be the most appealing clients but in time you will find yourself catching the bigger fish.

  • Consider blogging as a start
  • If you think no one wants to hear about your adventures, perhaps you should let them read them for free initially. A blog can let people see what you’re capable of and even gain you a following. If you are popular enough airlines may even decide to borrow your fame for advertising.

There are many rewards to benign a good travel writer and all it takes is courage and the same spirit of freelancing that you may have been fostering for years.

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