How To Make Your Living As A Freelance Writer: 5 Useful Suggestions

Freelance is not a new term for any of us. Gone are those days when people had to put up with their boss even when they hated them. There was no chance of getting another well-paid job to cover their expenses and they stuck to a job with poor working conditions, low self-esteem, no appreciation or acknowledgement, late salaries, deductions for late arrivals and never attending family events due to no leave approved. The freelance industry is gaining popularity in Middle West and Eastern Europe because of the extreme flexibility people can have. People with technology backgrounds as well as writers are the first to join this trend because they can work freely without any other workforce helping them out. It is true that many of famous bloggers today started out as contractual freelance writers who wrote for content mills and news blogs to make a living. It is not a fantasy to sit at home and make as much money as you deserve rather than going to your old job.

However, not every freelance writer succeeds in his beginning months. It requires consistency and dedication even more than your regular job. The best part to keep you motivated is that you are the only one who is going to earn from these jobs and no one will be there to claim a share from what you have earned by writing for a client. If you are in the beginning of your freelancing career then you need to keep a couple of things in mind

  1. Sign up at a freelancing platform or advertise your services
  2. Decide your source of income. Do you want to pitch directly to news agencies, blogs, writing agencies and content mills or you need a platform to help you direct to the clients?

  3. Improve your skill set and focus on one major specialty
  4. Do not just fall for any job under writing. Know what you are best at and improve it by practicing more often and reading more.

  5. Place proposals on jobs that suit your skills
  6. Not every job will suit your skills and expertise. Do not waste their and your time

  7. Do not settle for anything less than a reasonable price
  8. Ask for a reasonable price against your skill set and time

  9. Deliver timely and win trust of potential clients

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