The Key To Landing Great Freelance Academic Writing Jobs

Freelance writers are in high demand in various areas on the internet. Quite often job post don’t receive the highly skilled applicants required so many employers are forced to settle for inferior quality work. This is most true in the field of academic writing as there are many English writers, but not all of them are proficient in any other areas of education. Here are some tips on landing great freelance academic writing jobs:

  1. Educate yourself
  2. Academic writing jobs would require the writer to possess various literary skills. They may also be required to understand concepts and ideas in particular subjects that are not necessarily language based. Take the time to search online for the most popular requested job types and make note of the skill set required. Join a class, or do some courses to acquire any useful skills that you do not possess.

  3. Register with a hosting site
  4. Many companies are dedicated to providing safe and fair methods of interaction for freelancers and their potential employers. These sites are not hard to find, a simple web search will provide you with links to many. View each site and decide which one seems to best suit your needs, register and proceed to view job listings.

  5. Create an awesome profile
  6. On any site you join, you will be required to produce a profile describing yourself. Take the time to create your profile, it is your identity and often the only criteria used by potential employers to select someone for a task. Include information about your educational background, work experience and any published works you may have. A sample piece demonstrating your literary skills must also be included in your profile.

  7. Build a solid reputation
  8. Most hosting sites have a rating system in which freelancers are ranked according to their performance, for example, number of completed jobs or money earned and these records can be viewed by anyone. If you are new it is important that you make the effort to get your name off the zero mark, it is recommended that you do any job you can acquire, regardless of price and provided it is not too exploitative.

  9. Market yourself
  10. It is most advantageous to you if you possess ways of promoting yourself as a writer, outside the scope of your hosting site. Use any means available to you to get the word out about the services you can provide to anyone willing to pay your fees.

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