What Kind Of Jobs Are Available For Freelance Writers: A Quick Guide

If you’re considering becoming a freelance writer, you may very well want to know what kind of jobs are available. Well, here’s a quick guide to point you in the right direction:

Being a copywriter could be a quick way of getting a foot on the ladder.

One of the most available jobs for freelance writers is copywriting. Copywriters will write things like blog posts and blurbs. There is actually quite a high demand in this area due to so much content being needed online these days. It’s not the best paid work, but it’s certainly a step on to the ladder. You’ll find plenty of jobs posted online.

Freelance writers are always needed for academic copywriting.

The more specific your skills are, the better work you’ll find. Academic writing can be quite lucrative, so if you are well versed in things like law and science, this could be for you.

Journalism jobs may be the way.

Maybe you want to set the bar a little higher. If you’re interested in writing for magazines and newspapers and are looking to make a freelance career in journalism, it wouldn’t hurt to first do a course where you can not only improve your skills and learn new ones, but also get some solid advice on how to get work. When approaching magazines and newspapers, be sure to first check out their submission policies. Many will welcome open submissions whilst others won’t look at unsolicited material, so you need to know! You should also thoroughly study the different magazines etc. that you’re applying to- get to know their style and what type of articles they may be interested in.

If you have set your sights on a career in a particular journalistic field, such as fashion, sports or the arts, you should consider doing a journalism course. When applying for jobs, the same rules as above apply. Once you have a few articles accepted, it will be a lot easier to get more. The more experience you have, the better!

Remember to promote yourself.

Be sure to promote yourself. Treat your freelance work as a business and sell yourself accordingly! Create a website, become involved with social media, show examples of your work and guide your potential clients through your experience. The more you put yourself out there, the more the work will just come to you!

Good luck!

I’m afraid there’s no quick fix to becoming a freelancer, but with a little time and lots of hard work, you’ll get there in the end!

If you need more advice, check out books and guides for writers that will be able to help.

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