In Search Of Sports Writing Jobs To Work From Home

Starting a career as a freelance writer from at home can be tough, especially for those with no experience in the field. It is, however, not a bad venture, especially for those with alternative sources of income so they won’t have to rely solely on paychecks from writing for their survival.

Recently, over the past decade or so, the internet has become a very busy place, with many people becoming millionaires by simply having an idea! This is not the future I am promising you however, far from it, though, with a little hard work and the right attitude, you could make significant earnings in a short space of time. Here are five pointers that will set you on the right track to making money as a sports writer from home:

  1. Design your profile to reflect your desired job type
  2. Your profile represent your person in the online world and it is this page that tells a potential employer whether or not you are the person they may be looking for. As you have decided upon your choice of work, you must now structure you profile to reflect you capabilities in this field. This can be done simply by including all your qualifications that you think make you the ideal candidate for this job type.

  3. Register with a freelance hosting company
  4. These companies are quite beneficial to both freelancer and clients, they provide many services that make the interaction between these two parties much easier. They can be found quite easily using any search engine and all that is required would be a short registration before you can begin viewing and applying for jobs.

  5. Do jobs necessary to build a reputation
  6. While you may desire to work in a specific field, it may be beneficial to you if you simply did any reasonable task to help build a reputation for yourself.

  7. Submit your portfolio to magazine websites
  8. Expand your market area and send you portfolio to any company or person you think may require your services. Marketing and self promotion can go a long way.

  9. Start a blog and write about sports on your own
  10. If you are truly interested in sports, then starting your own blog or website should be easy and this can be an opportunity to create your own company. If you have what it takes, you may be able to develop your own following which could draw the attention of a major sports magazine.

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