A Guide For UK Freelance Writers: How To Find The Best Jobs

It seems that everyone in the world today is struggling so hard to quit their normal jobs and get into freelancing. Of course this can be a worrying trend, considering that in the process so many of those who have learned some handy skills end up not putting them into use and venturing into other fields, but when it’s all said and done, freelancing offers you a sense of freedom that you would hardly ever come to enjoy with any other business so far. You get the freedom to choose your working hours, the freedom to choose how much you want to earn in a month, and most importantly in some scenarios, you do not have to pay taxes, or any other liabilities that are normally associated with the formal employment process.

For the UK freelance writer, there are alternatives everywhere. There is an endless stream of potential clients who are always willing to work with you, as long as you can show them how good you are. The key word here is how good you are. In the event that you are not as good as you say you are, chances are high that you will hardly ever get a good paying gig. There are some contractors who have managed to con their way through, trying to pretend that they are one thing when in real sense they are not. Resist the urge to lie about your competencies, because it is usually very easy to tell apart a liar from the truth, and if this is noticed, you will end up losing your clients and contracts.

Freelancing is all about personal branding, and there is not a single day that you will be able to do anything short of this if you are to get a good contract. Indeed there are good jobs out there, most of them do pay so well, but as long as you cannot sell yourself as a brand, chances are high that you will never make it in freelancing in the UK. The other thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have some really good samples that you can showcase to your clients, and prospective clients whenever the need arises. Samples are important because they give the client a good idea of what you are able to offer them.

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