Working At Home: How To Get Good Freelance Writing Jobs

It seems like everyone is looking for a way to work from home. From multi-level marketing companies to online stores, people are constanting trying to make money without having to go to work. Unfortunately, many of these work-from-home opportunities require a significant up-front purchase. If you are trying to earn money from home, but you do not want to empty your wallet, freelance writing offers opportunities for success.

  • Learn about Specialized Writing Styles
  • If you know how to write a complete sentence and a complete paragraph, you can become a freelance writer. While the skills you were taught in school might not be enough to get you your first writing gig, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances. Usually, freelance writing involves writing pieces for the Internet. From blog posts and product descriptions to website content and product reviews, freelance writing is somewhat specialized.

  • Build a Collection of Samples
  • The writing your did in school was usually essay writing, which is different than the type of writing that you get paid to do. Fortunately, there are several tutorials available online so you can see what the different types of writing actually are. After you read a few pieces, you can craft a few yourself. Use these to build your own professional portfolio to show your future clients that you know what you are doing. Clients appreciate seeing samples so they can see your skill and style.

  • Join Freelancing Websites
  • In order to get the best freelancing jobs, you need to join freelancing sites. There are several of them and nearly all of them require writers to create a profile. You should include your related work experience and education. It can be helpful to include a profile picture, but be sure that you look professional. You should also clean up your social media sites so your potential clients do not see things you do not want them to see.

  • Apply for Jobs
  • After you have crafted your profile, it is time to look for jobs. Many first timers will look for jobs that are specifically posted for newbies. These tend to be lower paying jobs, but they are good jobs for building a reputation. Since many clients will only hire veterans, you will have difficulty finding a job that pays more until you build up your client list. When you apply, read the job opportunity and write a proposal specifically for that job. Do not write generic proposals because the clients can tell.

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