How To Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online: Tips For Students With No Work Experience

They say that to get a job you need to have experience, and that to get experience you need a job. A quandary.

It is said that in order for one to get a job, one is required to have experience in pertinence to the job of some kind. But the catch is that in order for one to get experience one must first get a job. It would seem that this situation is a verisimilar equal of the chicken and egg question, what came before?

So, you are a beginner, a student, who has never before worked and thus does not have any experience in the subject matter per se, and given the current state of the job market, it is quite obvious that nothing is even close to being peachy. How then can one find a freelance writing job online as a student?

We have compiled a short list of a few points that should help you deal with the plights of having no prior experience…

Take the extra curricular activities in your college/school seriously

You are a student, and it would naturally seem that the kind of vocational or professional exposure that you would have access to is quite limited in its range and scope. Extra curricular activities offer students the opportunities to get a taste of the working life without all the scope of the responsibilities and accountabilities of paying jobs… Moreover, being immersed with extra curricular activities proves to be an opportunity for students to find personal growth of working capacity.

Socialize, network, find associates and branch out…

A major role is played by the people you may know or be in contact with when you go job hunting. The logic would seem simple, since you will typically need to be either referred or recommended by someone so as to vouch for you to your prospective employer, the edge will be held by the person who has stronger profiles, and whose referee or recommender has better things to say about him or her. So, let your social network grow, and make good impressions.

Know what you are doing, or know how to know what you are supposed to do…

Its quite simple really, to get a job without any prior experience you should have something with you that exhibits your ability to do the job, or the ability to develop the ability to do the job. If you could not do it, then why would anyone hire you? Make it worth their while.

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