How To Find Steady Work As A Freelance Writer

Freelancing can be an exciting change of pace for many people. But one problem that many new freelancers face is finding steady work. If you’re new, you may not have a network of clients to rely on for new work or have the experience that will attract new clients right out of the gate.

Follow these tips to help you find steady work as a freelance writer.


Whether it’s through a website like LinkedIn or through past employers, it never hurts to network. A former co-worker or boss may be able to connect you with someone who’s looking for a content writer. Networking on websites like LinkedIn can also help you find a client who’s looking for someone with your particular skills.

Join a Bidding Website

Websites such as Elance, O-Desk or Guru can help connect freelance writers, especially those who have yet to come into steady work, with new clients. How it works is clients will post job listings through the website. Along with other freelance writers, you’ll be bidding for the chance to work on a particular project.

This can be an easy way to help you build up a portfolio and find work without having to necessarily build your own personal website.

Consider a Content Mill

While content mills aren’t always the best way to find high paying work, the good thing about a website like Demand Studios or Text Broker is the fact that the work offered is consistent. Usually, you’ll be paid either a flat fee or a percentage of revenue for your work. If possible, opt for flat fees. If you ever find that work is slow, a content mill can be an easy way to find reliable work. You’ll usually be asked to write a short article on a certain topic, which does help you build up your resume.

Know Your Terms

Make sure to have a clear idea of your payment terms and what skills you plan on offering when starting out as a freelance writer. This will make it easier for clients to understand what to expect from you and for you to know what kinds of jobs to apply for.

While it’s very tempting to take along every job that comes your way, apply carefully. You never want to end up burned out or overwhelmed by a job that doesn’t fit your skill set or doesn’t pay well.

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