The Ultimate Guide To Freelance Writing: How To Become A Ghost Writer

Congratulations! You have made the decision to investigate the rewarding world of ghost writing! Maybe you enjoy writing and have decided to make it a career, or maybe you know someone who is a writer themselves, but no matter which reason you select you are on your way to a fun career that will bring you in contact with a multitude of different people.

Now that you have made the decision, what are the next steps? Try these tips to getting started and you will have contract jobs in no time.

There are three tips to getting started in the writing world:

  1. Develop a portfolio of works
  2. Advertise your services
  3. Build a clientele

By following these tips you will soon have more assignments than you will know how to manage and will be able to pick and choose what you prefer to write.

  • Developing a portfolio
  • First and foremost in becoming a freelance writer you need to develop a sample of your work to allow people to see your writing style. In particular when you are working as a ghost writer, the contract you write for will want to see that your style reflects their own so that the published work is representative of them. When you develop the portfolio take a variety of approaches and display your range of talents within you capabilities.

  • Advertise your services
  • With the prevalence of the internet, an increasing number of online services are available to allow you to showcase your portfolio and reach a large range of clients. Writers with English as their native language in are wide demand worldwide so it is not surprising that some of your clients may be from countries other than your own. Advertise your services online and show your portfolio to perspective clients and on your way to new jobs.

  • Build a clientele
  • In the beginning, to get established you may have to take jobs well below your desired rate. As your work commences and you gain steady clients you will be able to pick and choose the jobs that you prefer. Throughout all your contracts stay professional and always deliver high quality work to establish a solid client base and good references.

Working as a freelance writer is a highly rewarding line of work. With just a little effort, you can be on your way to writing for different clients on a multitude of topics.

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