5 Recommendations For Newbies On How To Start Freelance Writing Successfully

To become a freelance writer, you need to start your career the right way. Of course, there is no specific set of instructions that say you must follow, but there are some guidelines you can use to avoid some of the mistakes that can bury your chances of success before you even start.

Here are some of them:

  1. Determine a field you want to specialize in.
  2. There is nothing wrong with being a general writer who can create any kind of text on any topic. However, this way you won’t be able to really hone your skills to perfection. It will be much easier to build a career out of writing if you focus on one particular field. This will allow you to build a name for yourself among the businesses you are most interested in working with.

  3. Create a set of samples.
  4. You will need to show your prospective employers some examples of the texts you can create for them. It’s essential to have a portfolio that includes your best articles as this will be the only thing that can prove your proficiency before you manage to get more experience.

  5. Set the rates.
  6. Do some research in order to determine what the average rates on the market are. Always stick to these numbers as people are usually wary of those who have the lowest or highest rates. Remember that as your experience and skill level increases, you will be able to raise your prices as well. However, if you get too ambitious from the start, you won’t get a chance to gain the necessary experience.

  7. Make a website.
  8. You’ll need to have your own website, even if you have accounts at all the major social networks and freelance marketplaces. This page is like your office and will help market your services. Add a blog to it in order to attract more attention and give yourself an opportunity to practice regardless of whether you have any orders at the moment or not.

  9. Get some help.
  10. Talk to more experienced freelancers and writers and ask them for some pointers. Many of these professionals offer courses for aspiring freelance authors. Consider taking one of them in order to learn all the “ins” of the business.

Taking all those steps should help you start your freelancing career smoothly, but don’t expect to become successful right away. This profession requires a great amount of patience and some financial security blanket you can rely on until you get enough clients to support yourself through this business alone.

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