How To Get Legit Freelance Writing Jobs: 5 Things You Must Kno

Looking for writing jobs if you are a freelancer can be a lot of work. What makes the process more fraught with danger is the realization that there are a lot of writing job scams out there, especially online. There are certain precautions you can take to not only help you land writing jobs but also to make sure that they are completely legit and overboard.

  1. Make sure you look in the right places
  2. If you are established writer, you probably already have a good few regular clients that are a source of good income. If you are just starting out as a freelance writer, you have to start your job search with your eyes open. Look for jobs only on legitimate job boards or freelance websites. If a website looks like a scam, it probably is; stay away. Look for writing jobs with established publications and websites that have garnered great reviews online for their professionalism from other writers.

  3. Promises, promises
  4. If a client offers you a low price for your writing now and tries to entice you with the promise of an increase in price later on, do not believe them unless it is in writing. There is no guarantee that there will even be further work or that they will increase the price later on. Empty promises do not count in professional life.

  5. Always sign a contract
  6. Never ever start work on a project without first having signed a contract. The contract should be highly specific and should spell out all the terms of work including delivery times and payments.

  7. Legitimate payment options
  8. If you are meeting the client through a particular website, for example a freelancing website that has its own escrow payment system, never accept the offer of going outside the system. There is no guarantee the client will pay after you have finished the job if you deal with them privately.

  9. Be great at it
  10. Read extensively and practice your writing techniques. Become very good at what you do. Establish a great reputation as a professional writer. Maintain good relationships with your clients even if you have a bad experience with them. You never know who will come to your rescue and when. If you have a good professional reputation, it will be easy to find jobs from legit and reputable sources.

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