How To Land The Best Freelance Jobs In Business Writing

As a freelance business writer, you need to spend about 25% of your time trolling for jobs or clients. You need to be on a constant search for good jobs and new clients because the freelancing business tends to be a make-it or break-it sort of affair. If you seem to be out of ideas on how to land the best freelance jobs in business writing, here are three useful suggestions.

  • Cold Calling
  • While most freelancers don’t actually enjoy cold calling, it is nevertheless one of the greatest ways to land the best freelance jobs in business writing. It is also an effective way to sort of fill in the gaps in case some of your other job gathering techniques are not working. Cold calling is mostly a game of numbers. According to industry experts, if you make calls to 1,000 businesses, chances are that you will land some good jobs. Of course you need to target the right market for cold calling to be effective. When implementing this strategy, you need to ensure your list consists of companies or businesses that can afford to pay for your services.

  • Create a Lead-generating Site
  • Many freelance writers have been highly successful with lead-generating sites. You can leverage your personal website or blog to land good clients and jobs in the business arena. Although creating a website that has the perfect blend of great design, SEO and outstanding work samples may take some ample time, the fantastic thing about this method of marketing is that after getting it right you will be good to go. All you need to do now is to just wait for the clients to come calling.

  • Look for High-quality Job Boards
  • There is a reason why the term “high-quality” has been used here. If you are thinking of how to land the best freelance jobs in business writing, you should not bother looking in junk job boards. Many freelance job sites are usually full of scam SEO operations and start-up businesses that are looking for cheap content at a crappy rate. However, that does not mean that you should ignore job boards completely. If you want to land the best jobs, you ought to be more selective about the job boards you look at. It also pays to learn how to pick out the best clients before filling out an application. Good clients normally fill out a detailed job description and they will be straightforward with you about their ability to offer a decent rate.

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