A Comprehensive Guide To Freelance Magazine Writing

If you would ever like to be published, it doesn’t mean that somebody should pull strings to get you a job. The majority of the articles you see in the press are written by freelancers. Therefore, do your job fairly and wait for recognition to come. These are some points for you to keep in mind:

  1. Create a portfolio.
  2. If your goal is to be published by a well-known edition, start low, go slow. You could try writing for local press or e-resources to gather the material you could later present to your desired employer. When your work has been published in any edition, make sure to make copies and keep them organized according to the topics.

  3. Do lots of deliberate reading.
  4. Skimming the market is the best strategy to start. Get as many articles of the periodical you’d like to work for as possible to ensure that you are well aware of the topics they cover and to prove that could make a valuable input.

  5. Be open to new ideas.
  6. Never give up if a dozen of your articles have been turned down. Write them a letter thanking for considering your article. Think of other up to date topics, make use of some specific knowledge or experience you might have. Moreover, jot down new ideas that come to your mind and monitor the articles you send out.

  7. Contact your potential publisher.
  8. This step is the key one in the whole process. Try to fit it in one page with your contact details at the top. Moreover, enclose an envelope with you address written on and some of your writing. Come to your reader’s notice by giving a catchy introductory sentence and prove the topicality of your writing. Furthermore, send your detailed CV to the editor.

  9. Find information about the person in charge.
  10. Be sure to address the person you need, not a mediator. Otherwise, your target employer might never receive your letter. You can refer to some websites or find contact information in the press itself. A phone call could be an option too.

  11. Know rights of authorship and know your worth.
  12. Having received a task, ensure you complete it on time. Make sure to sell as few rights of authorship as possible. Thus, you’ll be able to sell this writing later and earn more. You wages can vary depending on the periodical. Avoid people who ask you for payment to publish your article.

It’s not easy for a freelancer to be published. Arm yourself with patience. Anyway, it’s worth your try.

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