Improving Your Skills: The Most Effective Tips For Freelance Blog Writers

When you are trying to make a living as a freelance writer or blogger, there are always ways to improve your skills and get paid more. As you become a better writer, you will be able to charge more and be more selective about the projects you take on. It’s important to keep learning for your entire life, whether it’s in the area of post writing or for a hobby. Read below how you can focus your efforts on improvement for freelance writing and blog writing.

Tips on skill improvement as a freelance blogger

  1. Find the right information. It’s important to know the brand of the client you are writing for, and interview them about how and why they do what they do, so that you can make a plan for the website posts and increase your outlining skills
  2. Encourage focus. The format for different blog posts or other written pieces will depend on the focus or subject of the writing, so experiment within the expectations of your client, to grow your skills in structure
  3. Keep a journal. In writing for your freelance job, you have to keep your own opinion out of it, but a good way to channel your opinions as well as improve your writing is to write out your personal approach in a private journal
  4. Use quotations as appropriate. This is related to improving your skill, because a good article or blog post will cite other writers or speakers to convey the points more clearly, so you can get better at knowing when to put in quotes versus when to write out a concept yourself
  5. Start and finish strong. Your opening and closing sentences are arguably the most important, especially on the internet where people skim more than they read. Have these elements really stand out in an appropriate and profound way.

After doing those tips, you should be able to continue learning and getting better at your freelance writing. Taking on a variety of projects or blogging gigs will also let you stretch your literary muscles and keep things interesting. You should especially consider doing tip #3 because whether your other writing is in a journal, or a novel or nonfiction book or even posts written for your own website, you can greatly improve your writing simply through more writing and practice.

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