Things To Know About Freelance Copywriter’s Routine Duties

From the outside, being a freelancer is pretty easy. You don’t have a manager to supervise you and you have complete control over your income. In reality, things are not so easy. You do have some advantages, but you also have many things to worry about. Besides, you never know that you will have work next week. Here is what you have to know about a copywriter’s routine duties:

  • He needs to improve his writing all the time. You get a few jobs in the beginning, you get paid and then you have more and more clients willing to work with you. The problem is that the more experience you have, the more expectations clients have from you. You have to be better, faster and more interesting as the time goes by. It’s a never ending process and you have to study grammar and writing constantly.
  • He needs to manage his finances. When you work as a freelancer, you don’t get a pension or a health insurance. This means that you have to cover all these expenses by yourself, from the money that you make. Also, you always have to keep some money for the next month, when your client is in vacation so you don’t get paid.
  • He needs to give up social life. Yes, that’s right. You do have the right to choose your projects, but sometimes you will get offers that you can’t refuse. You will work for a few nights without stopping, only so you can finish this project in time. Is your friend’s birthday today? Well, your client just assigned you a new job, so you can’t go to the party.
  • He needs to be updated all the time. It does not matter what niche are you in, you still have to be informed about what is happening in the world. This means that you must read news websites every day and find out how will the events influence your work. Also, you have to keep an eye on the other freelancers and see how can you improve your services and become better than them.
  • He needs to be online almost all day long. If someone wants to hire you, he wants you to be available for him immediately. You can’t go in a trip and leave your laptop at home; this means that you don’t get any new jobs!

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