Landing The Best Freelance Writing Jobs Related To Science

About a year ago, I was looking towards making a complete career change towards doing some freelance writing. I was kind of fed up with my office job and had heard about the many perks of freelancing that really appealed to me. I would be my own boss, could take on as many or as few assignments as I liked, and I could work from anywhere – my home office, the library, a coffee shop, etc. I’m happy to say that I found success pretty quickly as a freelance writer in the field of science. This is exactly what I did to find the best freelancing jobs in this area:

First, I researched the job market

Since the process of finding great writing jobs was new to me, I thought I would research the kinds of jobs were actually out there. I found several great publications that printed science articles both online and in journals. A freelancing site showed about how much I could expect to get paid for individual projects. I did a little math and figured out which places I would target.

Second, I created a great profile

I signed up for an account on a freelancing website and created a portfolio. Again, I researched a few profiles to get an idea of what I should do to make mine eye-catching. I didn’t have previously printed materials to upload to my portfolio, so I wrote up a few sample documents and posted those so that potential clients could see my writing ability.

Third, I started submitting bids

The next thing I did was to start submitting bids to some open projects. I really wanted to catch clients’ attention so I kept my bids short and to the point. Most posted projects had a specific need which I addressed clearly in my proposals. Science wring is a highly specialized field, but I demonstrated my value sending sample pieces that related closely to what each client needed.

Fourth, I connected with others

I knew there was a lot I could learn from other people who did this type of work so I networked as often as I could and picked up a lot about bid strategies, communication, and content creation. As a bonus, I was able to learn about some really good opportunities that I wouldn’t have heard about if I had simply stuck to my own. So definitely get out there and make those connections!

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