Can Freelance Content Writing Be a Well-Paying Job Today?

Over the last decade, more jobs have switched to virtual platforms. Instead of hiring employees, companies are outsourcing work to online freelancers. For the freelance writer, this creates a viable, thriving marketplace for their work. Although making money as a content writer is never easy, it can be lucrative for a talented writer.

Go Big or Go Home

Bidding sites are known for being a “race to the bottom”. Freelancers in countries like the Philippines or Indonesia are able to offer their services for a fraction of the cost. Instead of competing with these freelancers, writers should focus on offering quality services. A writer in an industrialized nation will never be able to compete on cost. The only way they can make money and bring in clients is to compete in terms of quality.

Begin a Blog

Marketing is the name of the game when it comes to writing. A writer has to show that they can actually complete prospective projects. Rather than develop a typical portfolio, some writers will create a blog or a personal website. This allows them to showcase all of their best work. In addition, a personal website lets the writer to reach out directly to the client. This allows the writer to avoid normal fees associated with bidding sites or other programs.

Identify a Niche

Many writers work in content mills and low-paying jobs, but this is not a way to make millions. To be a well-paid writer, individuals should find a specific niche. Highly technical subjects like accounting, finance and technology often pay significantly higher wages than typical blog articles. A finance website needs writers who know what they are talking about and are willing to pay a premium to get these writers. To find clients in a specific niche, writers should make sure that they post blog articles on their website that are in a similar subject area. This will increase the chances that the client will find the website and hire the writer.

Can a Writer Earn a Living on Content Sites?

The short answer is yes. Even without a personal website or marketing, writers can earn a decent living by just working with a content sites. Many writing sites will offer star ratings that come with different levels of pay. Writers who achieve the highest rating can gain a decent per word rate. In the end, the amount that a content writer earns will be based on how fast they can write. If the writer can churn out 10,000 words a day or more, they will be able to earn a fairly stable income from content sites.

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