How To Get Freelance Writing Experience: The Best Strategy

Okay, so maybe you aren’t exactly looking to build a career as a freelancer but you think it would be a great way of building your portfolio and showcasing your talent while earning a little bit of extra cash at the same time. The burning question is what is the best way of getting that all important experience that you so desperately need while still finding time for your studies?

Here are some tips and suggestions to get you started:

  • Hands on experience
  • In the same way that lots of companies hire interns and agency staff, many are happy to take on board some writers to help them gain experience. While it is generally the large corporates that are more inclined to do this, a lot of small businesses are crying out for help with copywriting for their websites and promotional materials. If you are willing to work for a competitive price then try pitching at them. You might be surprised at how easily you get work.

  • Charities
  • If it is the thought of notching up experience rather than money that is filling you with passion then there are gazillions of opportunities just waiting to be taken up. Charities need to promote and market in the same way as anyone else. Offering to do a freebie could get you the work that you are looking for.

  • Online
  • If you are going to go down this route then I would suggest starting with the reputable freelance companies. Registration is free and you can start bidding for work relatively quickly. This is a great way of testing the water and finding out what kind of freelance work you are best suited to.

  • Ask your tutor
  • Your tutor will have eyes and ears everywhere. Chances are, even though they won’t shout and scream about it they will know of companies that are looking for freelancers. They will also have a fairly accurate idea as to your skills and should be able to point you in the right direction. They may even be able to provide you with a reference if you need one.

  • Advertise
  • Yes, there will more than likely be a cost attached to this. However, you don’t have to spend vast sums on advertising to get results. Just make sure you target your audience.

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