5 Traits Of A Professional Freelance Marketing Copywriter

Freelance marketing copywriting is a great way to earn a living if you enjoy writing. There are a few things to remember if you’d like to build your reputation as a professional freelancer, though. What follows are five important characteristics of professional freelance marketing copywriters.


Working to your own schedule can grant you much freedom, but with that freedom comes responsibility! In order to become a professional freelance marketing copywriter, you need to be very disciplined with yourself about sitting down and writing. Without a manager hovering over your shoulder, you will need to motivate yourself to complete your projects. You also need to manage your time spent working to avoid being inefficient.


If you want to become known as a professional freelance marketing copywriter, you need to be reliable. Your reputation in the industry hinges on your reliability, as no client will want to hire an unreliable freelancer. You need to ensure that you complete all your projects on time, to the required project specifications and to a standard you are satisfied with. This is where discipline comes into its own.


As a freelancer, you will need to go out and find projects for yourself, and this requires persistence. It may take a while to build your reputation as a professional marketing copywriter, so you’ll need to keep working on it, even as you face setbacks and closed doors. If you give up too easily, you will never build the career you want. You will also need to keep working on a specific project, even when it seems almost impossible to please the client.

Good communication skills

Without a manager you will be required to deal with all your clients yourself, so good communication skills are vital. Being a professional copywriter requires the ability to give and receive information accurately. This means that you will need to send clear messages in all your communication to your clients, as well as interpret all their requests; which may not always be easy to understand.


To do any creative job well, you need to be passionate about your work. If you find doing freelance copywriting extremely boring, or you’re doing it solely to earn an income, your work may be lackluster and mediocre. If, however, you are passionate about creating high quality work that you’re proud of, your work will reflect this passion.

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