Is It Possible To Find A Freelance Creative Writing Job Without Experience?

Today, many people are searching for jobs that are profitable enough but allow having some free time for having rest and spending time with family. A dream job? No, it’s freelance writing.

How to Start without Any Experience?

The path towards creative freelance writing lies through the procession of other people’s texts. What is it? It means that you take another author’s text and retell it in such a way that it becomes a new and unique piece. You need to find synonyms, recompose phrases, replace them with new constructions, etc. It requires a lot of attention and creativity. In the end, you need to receive a text that is identified as 90-95-100% unique by special online tools. The demands to uniqueness are different and depend on customers, but the more effort you invest and the more unique your final text is, the better for you.

How to Progress?

Rewriting is the first stair that you need to conquer on your way to more creativity. Rewriting is not highly paid, yet, you need this school before you become an author of your own texts written from scratch. Sometimes, customers want you to recompose a text they give you. Sometimes, you need to search for the information on your own. This is the beginning of freelance creative writing. As soon as you feel that you can plan your future text on your own, find necessary information, and put it together into an interesting article, you can move on to a new stage and search for more complicated and well-paid orders.

How to Earn?

Now, you need to decide for yourself how you want to work. You can register at an online marketplace, sit on your hands, waiting for customers to find you, or start searching for orders on your own.

If you have registered, undertake the following steps:

  • Create your own page, offer your services in an attractive way, display samples of your texts (better written deliberately for this marketplace), and set the desirable price.
  • Browse through the branch that is meant for customers and their orders. Subscribe for newsfeed from this branch. It will allow you to react to new orders quicker than your competitors.

You need to remember one thing: there is no work without mistakes, and no work without learning. It’s possible that you will be corrected and criticized even when you gain experience. Simply put up with this fact and remember that every mistake adds something to your precious experience, making you a more desirable freelance creative writing employee.

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