How To Avoid Scam When Looking For Good Freelance Writing Websites

One of the most critical aspects of freelance writing work is having genuine sources for work. As a freelance writer, you don’t have time for scams because you want reliable writing jobs. However, with the numerous scams that have flooded the internet nowadays, it can be hard to get legitimate jobs. Here are a few tips on how to avoid scam when looking for good sites to work for.

  • Seek Recommendations from Other Freelancers
  • One of the most important tips on how to avoid scam when looking for good writing websites is to get connected with other freelance writers. This will enable you to learn about which websites are genuine and reliable, and the ones to avoid. You get to learn how to watch out for red flags for illegitimate sites. Moreover, you learn from the experiences of other freelancers who have succeeded in finding genuine work.

  • Use Reputable Job Search Boards
  • When thinking of how to avoid scams when looking for good websites, you want to ensure that you consult reputable job boards. Some sites may seem convenient and easily accessible, but these can be very attractive to con artists. Reputable job search sites may require employers to pay a certain fee for any job postings. It is therefore more likely that the writing jobs you will encounter on such platforms are from legitimate firms.

  • Make Comparisons
  • Another tip on how to avoid scam when looking for good writing websites is concerned with making comparisons of different websites and the available jobs. You need to familiarize yourself with the different sites and their operations. This includes comparing the available options, and looking for similarities that would indicate that the website is a reliable option. You should also take note of the volume of jobs or clients posted, pay rates that clients are willing to pay, and the option of being allowed to post samples or connect to clients. Avoid any site that requires you to pay a fee to become a member.

  • Avoid Websites that Offer Promises of Unrealistic Pay
  • Although writing can be a very lucrative venture for the experienced writer, it can be difficult to earn a living as an entry level writer. One tip on how to avoid scam when looking for good writing deals is by avoiding sites that promise payments that seem impossible. It is not realistic to expect to earn $1000 per week from writing how-to articles or product reviews. If an offer seems like it’s too good to be true, carry out due diligence.

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