Well-Paying Jobs For Freelance Writers: Top 10 Options

Every writer wanting to work from home is looking for great places to get writing positions. At any rate, here are some ways you can find that elusive job.

  1. Start your own blog and then charge other people to put ads on your pages. This is an indirect way of making money from what you write, and it gives you the freedom of writing for yourself and choosing your own topics.
  2. Find a blog you like and send the owner a query letter, telling them you’re interested in writing for their blog. You can even send a sample you’ve written specifically for the topic and style of their blog so they can tell right away if you’d be a likely candidate.
  3. Write and sell eBooks. You can do this for yourself or for other people.
  4. You can get hired to write product descriptions. These positions are found by doing online searches.
  5. Frequent some of the writers’ forums where others like you hang out. They will have experience and ideas they can share with you about where to look for jobs and which ones are the best.
  6. Join some of the paid to write websites, where you as a writer, puts up a profile and then browse the incoming jobs. You can then apply for the ones you like. This usually involves writing up a short proposal and attaching items from your portfolio for them to look over. Then you wait to see if they chose your proposal. If they didn’t, you keep finding more to apply for until you do get chosen. Once chosen, you will receive the full instructions and can start immediately.
  7. Some sites pay for guest posts. This doesn’t mean you’d be able to get on going work there, but it is some income in the short term while you’re looking for something more long term.
  8. Put up a website offering your services. Then start sending traffic to your website. You will most likely be found by companies who need good writers. There are more people out there needing writers than there are good writers to fill all the demand.
  9. Go to some popular job boards. There are many that specialize in writing; however, you can also find good jobs at general job boards.
  10. Ask people you know for referrals. Social media is an excellent way to connect with a good paying job.

While there is a large variety of ways to earn an income writing online, not all of them are well paying. Of course, it all depends on how you define good pay. For some it’s regular income and for others it’s a high hourly or by-piece wage.

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